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23rd-Jun-2016 07:00 pm - Wants List

I figure it's about time I made a wants list!


Farfetch'd Kalos Starter Set TCG card English and Japanese

farfetch badge.jpg

Farfetch'd Hanafuda promotion items

Can badge

farfetch badge.jpg

There are other items using this image. I know for sure there is a clearfile (I have one coming but I'm not sure if it's lost or not) Someone mentioned this promotion possibly having a t-shirt; poster and notebook as well but they were not sure if those items were made for all of the Pokemon featured. I am; at the moment, looking for everything except for the rubber phone strap.

Chibi Stamper

I thought I had one of these but I apparently don't haha. Chibi stamper of any color; example of what these look like here except..farfetch'd not kabutops.:


Farfetch'd Clear Kid


AR card

I can't find an image of the Cofagrigus AR card but I have seen it before and was unable to purchase it at the time. If you have a card like the Zebstrika down there but with Cofagrigus I am very willing to buy it from you!



Looking for this card. I'm not sure the name of the series.

*GRAIL* Murkrow chibi stamper

This is the main thing I'm after right now. I don't have an image of it but it's a chibi stamper but..with murkrow.

Again chibi stampers look like this:


Murkrow Clear Kid


Retsuden Stamp Blue

General Wants

*GRAIL* Halloween Postcard

I've been looking for this particular postcard for a very very long time so if you have any information on where I can get it I would really appreciate it!

I am always looking for anything I don't have of the following Pokemon:



31st-Aug-2010 04:08 am - Art dump 1
A few older pieces I wanted to show case along with a newer doodle to try and get out of my art block.

Two headed slug like creature and Rhino cat heads along with a random mask face and monster guy and a pair of..eyes
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That's all for now!
2nd-Apr-2010 01:07 am - A very 'sweet' night terror
I had another night terror that I felt was worth sharing.

It started in this very huuuuuuuge area with a park and a nice lake side picnic area. I was resting at a bench in the lovely spring like weather with gentle breezes. It was VERY relaxing and as I have probably said before I can feel everything in my dreams and it is a wonderful feeling...most of the time.
I decided it was time to leave so I hiked up a pretty good sized hill as some storm clouds started rolling in, no rain just thunder and lightning which is SUCH a treat for me in real life. I was thinking this would be a wonderfully serene sort of dream buuuuut then I turned around to see a 'man' standing near me.
He waved and smiled I saw a bit of purple slime along his lips and knew this was going to get pretty weird pretty fast.
I stepped back and greeted him trying to be polite; I am always very polite to all of the people in my dreams no matter how freaky they are. He held his hand out and held mine asking if I knew a nice place to stay the night. I knew he was hinting at staying at my house so I figured WHAT THE HECK its a dream right? Plus the guy was the 'creepy attractive' kind and his only problem so far is that he leaks purple ooze.
I tell him it would be fine for him to stay with me over night but he would have to stay in the living room. We get to my house and he takes off his jacket, I noticed he didn't have any belongings which I considered very odd for a person traveling. I ignored the feeling that this was going to turn pretty ugly and I got him some pillows to sleep on.
The second sign that something was a tad off was that when he took off his glove he had some deadly looking black and white claws, he took off his hat and out pops a pair of antennae.
I found this pretty cute and he laughed at me saying 'Well well you must be thinking 'what in the world did I let into my lovely home?' I kinda backed up and smiled trying to keep my cool actually complementing his oddities saying that they were cute. He grinned at this and lounged on the couch blowing a kiss saying he would rest for awhile and that I should do the same.
I went up to my room and curled up knowing that something was going to happen; sure enough after awhile I felt a presence in the room I was in, the room slowly started to morph into my own and I started to 'wake up' even though I could hardly move (sleep paralysis) the insect man was on top of me grinning and put a finger over my lips saying 'Sssssh this won't hurt too much, I'll hold your hand through it to make it all better?'

Then he proceeded to turn my insides into candy and eat me alive.
22nd-Mar-2010 06:34 am - A Strange Kind of Night
I was about to go on my nightly romp and I heard some loud noises against the garage door. It seemed like something was trying to get in so I hesitated to peer out through the cracked glass still in need of repair covered by a thin curtain; nothing there but again the tap tap BANG noise.
Fiddling my hand around my trusty metal walking cane I inched open the door and turned my attention downwards.
Worms; worms all over, everywhere the eye could see. Writhing things sliding up the garage panels and twisting on the ground. There had to be hundreds but I wasn't planning on counting.
A bit deterred I was still dead set in getting my little walk in tonight; the noise came from behind me now and a forceful wind had started baring against my face. The loud splattering of rain was soon to follow stinging my skin as it so does when it is forced against something hard enough.
Rain doesn't bother me, I quite enjoy the rain. I pressed on. 
Walking down the driveway I peered at the large puddles on the ground, reflecting what little light there was to reflect at this time of hour. I tried not looking too hard; I kept the little delusional fears of 'mirrored worlds' out of my mind so I wouldn't lose my wits. I am decently hard to scare after all when it comes to the norm; I am more of a curious thing really.
The puddles reflected the reddish brown sky giving a very nice silhouette of the still leafless trees, I didn't let it bother me. No sudden hallucinations of hands grabbing my ankles tonight no sir.
Though tonight was a different sort of night where things don't seem quite right; I kept down the driveway as the wind still whipped around me. I kept hearing sounds, thundering and rolling sounds. Possibly crushing sounds shrieks in the breeze from unknown origin. I shrugged it off and hummed a little tune, still BOUND AND DETERMINED to stretch my legs at least a little.
However when reaching the end and being faced with the dark country road in front of me I noticed something.
All the way back home my eyes focused on something quite decent sized; a gleam in the eye and smirk along the mouth. I was being watched. The shaggy creature shuffled along my front lawn pacing back and forth and perking up ever so often to stare through me.
I narrowed my eyes a tad and looked out down the road, stood in the middle and crossed a few times keeping a look out and checking that I was not surrounded by other creatures such as he.
Turning back around I heard that heckling cackle that coyotes tend to make; I've dealt with coyotes plenty of times before but on a strange sort of night everything is twisted; distorted into that 'mirror world' I thrive to understand.
So this is all that this certain black shadow was, a mangy yote stalking in my front yard.
Satisfied in this normality I walk back to the edge of the road and wait for the few cars to come by; I always wondered if I was scaring the passerby by standing out here like this. For some reason there were no cars tonight, I heard them but there were none in sight. My mind started racing like it sometimes does; I kept looking down the left of the road where the few streetlights were thinking I saw shadows curling around the poles trying to snuff out the little light I was using to watch them at their antics. At this point it was time to turn back, no nice brisk walk for me tonight it seemed.
The coyote yowled and ran off not liking me getting so close, his friends deeper in the woods cackled for him to return.
Various things darting right out of my vision like they most times do I cleared my throat and carried on towards the garage.
Then I saw something; just a peek of a tiny little something through the glass pane on the front door. Must have been a shadow? I edged closer until the door opened up to greet me.
29th-Jan-2010 05:47 pm - TCG Sales
-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the url of the card you want; it will make my life a lot easier
-I ship all around the world; shipping starts at $1.75 in the US paypal fees will be added as well
- I will hold items for TWO DAYS any longer and they will go back up for sale.
- Excuse the image quality; a setting went WHOOSH on my camera :'D

Common - .25
Uncommon - .50
Rare- 1.00
Unless otherwise stated
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17th-Feb-2009 05:55 pm - Hello
Hello guys; I'll probably not use this for much just posting in different communities and such as that. You can however contact me here for artwork needs if you somehow found me by my FA or DA pages.
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